White Blood Cells Video Evidence

Hotel Yorba: Meg is playing with a mouse. Everyone knows real girls are afraid of mice. [YouTube]

Fell in Love with a Girl: Megbot was on the fritz; Gondry’s video was just necessity disguised as brilliance. [YouTube]

Meg in legos

Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground: Meg isn’t really in this video either, just the “ghost” of Meg. [YouTube]

We’re Going to Be Friends: Meg doesn’t move throughout the video, but merely lies on the couch. Supposedly she was asleep, but I think we all know what the real problem was. Her batteries were dead. [YouTube]

2002 MTV Movie Awards: During “Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground” fans are choreographed to do a dance commonly referred to as “the robot.” [YouTube]

Kids doing The Robot dance


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Meg White is a ROBOT!

Is Meg really Jack's Sister?
Is Meg really Jack's Ex-Wife?

NO, these are just cleverly devised white lies released through the media to distract us from THE TRUTH. Regardless of her actual relationship to Jack, the real Meg died in a car crash sometime during the mid-nineties and Jack replaced her with A ROBOT. The key to secretly replacing your band mate with a robot, as in magic, is MISDIRECTION. But through careful examination of the EVIDENCE, we can see it all quite clearly.


Nina on Insider Information

Megbot 2.0

Megbot 2.0

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