White Blood Cells Lyrics

Same Boy You’ve Always Known: “I hope you know a strong man / who can lend you a hand / lowering my casket” A clue: Meg is dead.

Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground: ” I didn’t feel so bad till the sun went down / then I come home / no one to wrap my arms around” Meg’s sun went down. Jack is alone.

Hotel Yorba: “I was watching with one eye on the other side” Meg has gone to the other side. “grab your umbrella” Robots can’t get wet or they will short circuit.

I’m Finding it Harder to Be a Gentleman:“but if I could find emotion to stimulate devotion” The original lyrics probably read “simulate,” and express Jack’s frustration over creating a robot that seemed human.

Expecting:“you claim that you own me / forever” & “You have the right to conduct me / in whatever fashion / your attempt construct me / in the interest of passion” From Megbot’s point of view.

Offend in Every Way: “and sometimes I think I can / but how much can I fake” Jack built a fake Robot Meg.

Aluminum: The sound Robots make.

We’re Going to Be Friends: For those of you who bought the vinyl, play this song backwards and you can clearly hear Jack say: “Meg is dead, I replaced her with a robot.” Although, some swear that he really says “Cranberry Sauce.”


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Meg White is a ROBOT!

Is Meg really Jack's Sister?
Is Meg really Jack's Ex-Wife?

NO, these are just cleverly devised white lies released through the media to distract us from THE TRUTH. Regardless of her actual relationship to Jack, the real Meg died in a car crash sometime during the mid-nineties and Jack replaced her with A ROBOT. The key to secretly replacing your band mate with a robot, as in magic, is MISDIRECTION. But through careful examination of the EVIDENCE, we can see it all quite clearly.


Nina on Insider Information

Megbot 2.0

Megbot 2.0

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