Get Behind Me Satan Lyrics

Blue Orchid: “We all need to do something /Try to keep the truth from showing up” Expresses Jack’s anxiety over trying to keep the Megbot a secret.

Little Ghost: “Though I try my best to keep it / There really was no secret” Meg is dead. She is a ghost.

Denial Twist: “The truth well you know there’s no stoppin’ it / And the boat well ya know she’s still rockin’ it” This song is about me.

White Moon: “Creature come, creature, creature / My own double feature” Megbot is Jack’s creature creation–like something out of a science fiction movie.
“My friends are all dying / And death can’t be lying / It’s the truth and it don’t make a noise” This lyric references their earlier song, “Truth Doesn’t Make a Noise.” See explanation below.

Instinct Blues: Meg can’t “get with it” because she’s a robot. She has no instincts.

Passive Manipulation: “Don’t just succumb to the wishes of your brothers” Another song written from the Megbot’s point of view. Megbot is encouraging non-robot women not to act like robots.

Red Rain: This song juxtaposes Jack and Meg as human and robot. While Jack is standing in the red rain (red = blood = life), Meg remains an unfeeling machine.

I’m Lonely (But I Ain’t That Lonely Yet): “And I love my sister / Lord knows how I’ve missed her”

Walking with a Ghost: Jack and Megbot have covered Teagan and Sara’s “Walking with a Ghost.” Lyrically this was a very predictable move for Jack: “no matter which way you go/ no matter which way you stay/ you’re out of my mind, out of my mind/ out of my mind, out of my mind/ I was walking with a ghost/ I said please, please don’t insist.” This is a clue: Megbot represents the ghost of Meg (because walking with a robot would have been too obvious.) Notable is Jack’s decision to change a few instances of the word “insist” to “exist.” Also, there is reverse speech in the instrumental break of the song. Early re-reversal suggests that Jack is saying “Out of my mind.” This can be interpreted as Jack admitting he was out of his mind when he created the Megbot and he wishes he could reverse his decision.


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Meg White is a ROBOT!

Is Meg really Jack's Sister?
Is Meg really Jack's Ex-Wife?

NO, these are just cleverly devised white lies released through the media to distract us from THE TRUTH. Regardless of her actual relationship to Jack, the real Meg died in a car crash sometime during the mid-nineties and Jack replaced her with A ROBOT. The key to secretly replacing your band mate with a robot, as in magic, is MISDIRECTION. But through careful examination of the EVIDENCE, we can see it all quite clearly.


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Megbot 2.0

Megbot 2.0

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