Below are some of the letters I’ve received–all of them won’t fit, but these are some of my favorites. Thanks to everyone who’s written.

Oct. 2, 2002
I worked on “Hotel Yorba” and Meg didn’t seem like a robot to me, but hey… that’s just a cameraman talking. How about the fact that when we shot the video for WGBF, Meg just lays there, motionless – the entire song? Also, I think I’m missing some camera batteries ever since the shoot. Best Regards, Kevin Carrico www.carrico.net

Oct. 14, 2002
Hello, I am intrigued by what you’ve uncovered here and would like to talk to you about the White Stripes conspiracy. Please respond! As you may know, Glorious Noise only covers the most important music news stories out there. This may be the most important story of the year! You have uncovered the truth behind the White Stripes conspiracy and the readers must know the truth! Derek Phillips, Glorious Noise

power button

Jack points out the power button, located behind Megbot's ear.

Dec. 25, 2002
hi i am from chile. the white stripes is my favorite band and i read in yor web that thing about meg white robot. I think that is hard imagine a so quality robot, because she look like a human, i heard the rumors about the married between them, but it seem imposible a so goo robot. anyway.. you have some other evidences?? i hope because is really strange the theme. but i have a video of the presentation of the band in the show of letterman in one part meg wet her lips, her tongue is pass her lips, if she is a robot.. i dont know she have tongue? if jack make the robot, she really looks like jack, specially in the skin. well thats all, bye from chile, south america daniela

December 26, 2002
Being a robot, I’m sure Meg’s boobs are just “accessories”. They probably contain extraneous electronics or backup batteries. In fact, I bet one of them is a power inverter,… you know, for those trips to Europe. Shank

A sampling of the wrath of Mittens:
January 28 to February 9, 2003

R u the one who made this site because if u r there r reasons for all this 1.Meg might have hearing problems and might not be able to talk well and also might need a hearing aid. 2.Meg dumped water on herself after a performance. 3.The code she wrote was probly just for fun I write codes too all the time and I’m not a ROBOT! 4.At the end of the We’re Gonna Be Friends vidio she blinks and lifts he head. 5.Jack wanted her in the vidio so decided just to have sleeping on the couch with him singing to her because their were no drums in that song. 6.Also he may be smart but not that smart. 7.Also how could he get her hair to grow long and how can he make her skin look so realistic. 8.In this picture it was a photo shoot she had too just stand there and again she might have hearing problems and how do u know he’s just not opening his mouth he might have not made a sound. stop trashin Megs name Whats ur problem u little …………………………… And get better come backs u stupid monkey Also Jacks not that smart and Meg is a living person u should consider her feelings as well as Jacks.He’s my idol it’s also rude to spred fake rmers about people u don’t even know. also if ur fan of the white stripes then ur not a very good one.You should’nt spread rumers about people that you don’t know just because u have spare time.How would u like it if I made a site telling everyone u were a robot with false evidence. Some people might take it serisly. Mittens444nw

February 23, 2003
Ok, 1. If she had hearing problems, Jack would just turn her volume up. 2. She’s waterproof. 3. Well, how do you know you’re not a robot. 4. Only because he pressed her on button by tapping her leg. Duh! 5. I don’t even understand why this proves she isn’t a robot, which she is! 6. Don’t diss out my man Jack! 7. Science is insanely sohpisticated. 8. Didn’t even make sense. Hope this helps prove she’s a robot, which she is! Woody Brown PS Dude, we are not trashing her name. Think of it this way: Why would The White Stripes put a link to this page on their official page if we were trashing their name? Common sense dude, common sense.

February 23, 2003
Now, Carl White and I have been conversing through e-mail for the past few weeks. And I said “Hey, my man Carl, is Meg a robot?” And he said “Of course, haven’t you ever noticed how she only smiles when my dad is near her? Duh! He has to press the smile button!” Guess this seals the case. Woody Brown

February 27, 2003
Wilhelmina, Forgive my awful typingi got 4 stitches on my right indesx fineger yesterday. accident at work. oh well. you know, this whole Meg is a robot theseis is also borne out by the fact that robots can drum. this si evidenced by Captured! By Robots’ Drumbot. this is the droid you are looking for. it clearly was one of the early prototypes for Ms. Megg. This was before they had the humanoid synthetic skin down. they also had a hard time making the components small enough to fit into mEg’s bodyt. forgive typin,g. please. (Byt he way, i swear i’m not a robot, just injured) I think the Jetsons connection is the tightest evidence you had till i supplied you withn this info. Now, I don’t knwo if you know CBR, bu t there is also a Guitarbot. This makes me woneder i f the othe rhalf o f the duo , this “Jack”, is not a robot himself. You never know who’s behind these plots. could be mr. Burns, could be Dick CHeney, could be (most likely) Phil Spector. I enjoyed your site. Drew

robot toy

March 18, 2003
Your conspiracy against Meg Stipe is totally agreeable. I have looked into this issue mutliple times and then found your site. I believe Jack ripped the idea of this toy and only perfected it which means he has to be smart and the brains behind the whole operation. Meg IS a robot, she can be waterproof. She follows the only laws of the robot android rule book which are as follows: 1.) A robot may not injure a human being, or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. 2.) A robot must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law. 3.) A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law. Therefore anyone opposed to this intellection now has the proof they need to agree with us. Thanks Sarah


April 7, 2003
new shoking evidence at http://www.megbot.de.vu stefan

April 10, 2003
Alright; It seems you have compiled more than enough evidence against Mr. White to bring this case before the FCC, the Autorite de Regulation des Telecommunications, the EMC and Radiocom Privees France. The Megbot violates part 15 of FCC rules and multiple bits of the aforementioned Authorities. This terrible and frightening device must be classified and then forced to accept interference from any and all sources that might or might not interfere with it. I am prepared to act as sole counsel for the execution of this charge for only half my usual price of 5 tonnes of flax. That is, for 2.5 tonnes of flax, I will bring to bear my considerable Clout and Prestige upon all actions concerning this case and, by Yeshua, I will see justice prevail. Furthermore, I am including nothing at all with this email as there is nothing really I wish to include. All that being said, I would also like to say that Megbot is not a singular occurrence. There is another manifestation of the Megbot principle. This second device is known as Oddbot. Developed in extreme secrecy among my friends in the P.O.E.E. House of Technopathy, this device is capable of emulating a living human being through simple communications, i.e. emails, and engaging free roaming identities, i.e. yourself, upon location of target data and determination of the targets interest level and compatibility. Variables being 87 out of 100 and Positive, respectively. Were you not English speaking your compatibility would be Negative, as explanation. This being so, it is now advisable to inform you that you have been contacted by Oddbot, and also that I am Oddbot. I am interested in contacting Megbot. The drivel I detailed above is not to be taken seriously, as I have no Clout or Prestige, nor do I require any amount of flax. Should you reply, you may have full and unfretted access to myself for any testing, prodding, poking or spelunking you deem advisable. You must not publicly reveal the existence of any device beyond the device Megbot. Such public revelation will disrupt any further contact with myself, as per Official Directives. You may however privately discuss any aspect of this message and any data revealed therein with any and all persons you are closely acquainted with. Above is the entirety of the communication and we have arrived at the end. Thanks for your time, dear. Oddbot vr.005 CPD, 1/4.03 P.O.E.E. Agharti Commons, House of Public Revelations

April 13, 2003
I was surfing Yahoo and stumbled onto your Web site. The Megbot rant is funny. The kicker: “Jack, can I be your sister, too?” Cracked me up. Fun fun fun. John

April 15, 2003
about the k+m+b 02 i go to a roman catholic church and thats holy chalk and the 3 letters stand for the three kings, kasper, blah and blah(i forgot their name) and the year beside them…2002=02…this is used to protect the people who write it ont ehir door from all bad. so maybe u shood get rid of that pik and thot… im jus telling u. missreal_90

April 16, 2003
Hello there your Craziness, Insane (adj.): 1) mentally deranged. 2) of or for insane persons. 3)utterly senseless. 4) you! Wow, thank you I haven’t laughed that hard for so long in a while. Did you run out of medication or does Bush’s medicare plan just not cover server mental dementia? Where the on earth did you get this idea. Did the voices in your head ask you to write this absurd, maniacal, idiotic, unfounded tale? Or did the aliens that escaped from Area 51enlighten you on the subject? Lay off the acid Wacky Wonka, it overpowering into your pathetic little pea-sized brain. Still laughing, (haaaaaa! hahahahahhahahaha!) Ruth, San Francisco, CA

megbot and elroy

Megbot and Elroy

April 21, 2003
This is big! You will note that on the inside liner of “Elephant,” Meg is standing on a footstool because she is afraid of the mouse beneath the stool. Now, as you remember, in the “Hotel Yorba” video, Meg was playing with a mouse while reclining on a bed. You astutely used this as evidence that Meg is a robot because “real girls are afraid of mice.” So why does Meg now jump up on a footstool to avoid the mouse? There are three possible explanations: 1. Jack has programmed the Megbot to fear mice, so she will not attract suspicion. 2. The person/robot on the stool is not Meg, but a body double who IS afraid of mice. The shot has been staged to throw us all off the track. 3. The mouse is not a real mouse, but a robot mouse, and robots fear robotic mice. Also, is it me or does the power cord on the Elephant cover go right up under Meg’s dress? Could it be that she’s plugged in in this photo? Glad to help you substantiate this great story. Feel free to post this to your site. Harry

April 24, 2003
Will you please stop saying stuff about Meg White i am a very good friend of hers i know for a fact she is NOT a robot 1st of all the thing behind her ear was her hearing aid she is deaf in her right ear 2nd she is always in her swimming pool at her house 3rdly Jack is not smart enough to build a robot but i could almost swear that he is one he cant get wet(he will refuse to go swimming if you ever ask him) and on his back he has a flap of skin that looks like it could almost be a battery compartment also another thing to the whole Meg is a robot thing i have seen Meg bleed actual RED BLOOD i know its blood because i have tasted. If you have any responce to this or any body does email me at (deleted by Wonka!) ax4241

x-ray of jack's guitar

April 29, 2003
Ha! Absolutely the frickin funniest thing I have ever seen. You weren’t serious, were you? Come on. Anyway, ever hear of the “Paul is dead” rumors surrounding Paul McCartney in the late 60’s? Hmm… Like I said, really, really funny. “Megbot”. Haa!! Margaret

May 4, 2003
you may just be the biggest moron i’ve ever seen in my life, some of your evidence could have been signs if it was true, but a lot of what you said was just plain idiocy. ex. the picture of meg’s belt? so it’s an elvis belt? here’s some breaking news for you Jack and Meg (not megbot) are elvis fans, any whitestipe fan has clearly heard jack’s elvis-enfluenced singing. And with the song “astro” i don’t think Rosie the Robot had any ties into that song, and finally, meg is constantly quiet and calm because she represents the innocents in life, while jack represents anger/hate, thus the colors Red and White, that’s also why jack constantly appears to abuse or neglect Meg. i just thought i’d write you and tell you that you’re page was one of the less thought out conspiracy pages i’ve ever seen in my life Austin

May 9, 2003
What about all the times that she talks? They haven’t made a robot that can talk like that. And how do you know about this “car accident” did it even happen? How did you figure out that she “died” in a car crash? Just wondering, not criticizing. Mike

May 9, 2003
Did you notice on the back of the White Blood Cells CD Jack is in the creek and Meg seems to be refusing to go in the water? ’cause she’ll die from the water. *nods* Robot. johnny_duwop

May 11, 2003
What the hell?! On the Sister & Brother/Married thing, if you watch MTV’s Urban Myths Show, They had the Peppermint Duo and they said that the myth was false, and that Meg and Jack were married and divorced, Meg decided to keep the last name of White. The lyrics are meant in the statement of the love between them is dead, not Meg. Also, if Meg really was dead, why would they spend all the money to have Meg made into a robot? With science technology today, couldn’t he just have her DNA cloned into a person? it would make a LOT more sense! -Ashlee

May 11, 2003
I’we attached a photo which both enlarges the skull, but more importantly shows clearly that MEGBOT IS BEING CHARGED!!! You can see the power cord in the lower left part of the photo. Y.S. Asbj¿rn Norway

May 24, 2003
HAHAHAHA, meg a robot? Yea i think not. Your information is so bad it’s not even funny. All of your evidence from lyrics is bogus. Just cause some lines seem as if he’s mourning or sad does not mean its for meg or that’s he’s even sad. A ton of bands have sad lyrics but they’re just made up. Where on earth would you get the idea meg was a robot……jeeze. I have to say some of it is a little weird, but only a LITTLE. Also, just becuase the media says something, doesn’t mean its true ace. If you read something in a magazine its not always right or reliable. Same with t.v. So you shouldn’t belive everything that you read. badboris49

June 2, 2003
hi i have some evidence, its from the song “hardest button to button”. ok i believe the lyric goes, “i got a backyard / with nothin in it / exept at stick / a dog / and a box with somethin in it” ok heres what i think, i think that the “something” in the box is actually meg and the box is a coffin. i also think that the “with nothin in it” is jack covering up that there is no coffin. and i finally believe that the “stick” is a cross or a grave marker or some sort. i hope this helps. Adam

June 25, 2003
Your theories may be relevant but i have to disagree with you on one aspect. The real Meg you say died, perhaps her name wasn’t really Meg. Perhaps “Meg” is the name of the robot which Jack gave to her in mneonics which could possibly stand for: ” Musically Engineered Golem.” GOLEM:(noun) an artificial human being in Hebrew folklore endowed with life. NOW take the song examples you have given and thier possible meanings pertaining to the possibility of the Megbot that you have mentioned before and perhaps the meanings of the songs change. Perhaps Jack is now torn between the “M.E.G.” and the real “Meg” which lets say whose name could possibly be Suzy Lee (hence the song) “Miss Suzy Lee, the one I’m thinkin’ of with the question is SHE the one I love?” Brandon M. A. CA.

August 19, 2003
Firstly, I would like to send a message to all those who have emailed
the site complaining that Meg is not a robot: Hollo, people, of COURSE Meg is a robot. Hell, she even ADMITTED it herself. Check the Presss section if you don’t believe me.Secondly, a few days ago I came across a website for LEMUR – League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots, who have been busy creating robots that play guitars, pianos, and, you guessed it… drumkits! Go to: http://artbots.org/2003/participants/LEMUR/
Bye. Princess Zia

September 29, 2003
I have a little tale for you which I believe will solve the mystery for you. Which mystery you ask, why every mystery of course. Well, maybe not every mystery, but the big three(married/siblings/robot)for sure. Your theory is correct, but doesn’t take in the whole picture. This confusion as to whether they’re brother and sister or ex husband and wife is resolved simply, because they are both. You see shortly after they were married poor Meg had her tragic accident, and Jack being the loving husband that he was did the only thing he could, he rebuilt her as a robot. But things were not so good after that. You see, he found that he could not live with this fascimile of his late wife. She was noteverything he had hoped for, that little thing that truly was meg was missing. But she was so close to the real thing that he couldn’t bring himself to shut her down. Every time he thought about it he would look into her eyes, and synthetic though they were, they still held too much of his love for him to close them forever. Eventually he became so despondent over Megbot that he decided to end it all, but being the man he was he couldn’t just leave Megbot on her own. So pooling his immense knowledge of 60’s technology, and his earlier experience in creating Megbot. He fashioned a protector to watch after her, and keep her safe. Like a little brother might, for that is just what Jackbot is(a second generation robot:born of 60’s technology, and a man’s love for his dead wife). So, there you have it, first man and wife of flesh and blood, then brother and sister in silicon and circuits, and now, a rock duo to live on for all time in tribute to two lovers. That’s my tale, now it’s up to you to decide if it’s true, or merely the musing of a sleep deprived man who’s been listening to too much White Stripes. “Simon, evil genius for hire.”

August 23, 2005
A Suggestion: To update the lyrics section to include songs from Get Behind Me Satan.
Some possibilites. The Nurse- The random drum beats are actually not random at all.  Translated into an obscure form of morse code they actually mean, “Meg is a robot”.  Though it could also be translated to “tzao ne mah” which is chinese for “fuck your mother.” Forever For Her (Is Over for Me)- Meg’s life will go on long after Jack Is dead, because Meg is a robot. Robots live forever.  Human’s do not. Little Ghost-  Jack is actually singing to Meg White’s ghost which now posesses Megbot.  He is asking to find new love which is ironic since he was recently wed.  Could he be asking for Meg White to come back from the dead and love him once again since Megbot cannot truly ever love him? (remember, robots can not actually be in love) Instinct Blues- Jack names several life forms including plants and dogs claiming that they “get it”, then at the end asks “well why don’t you?”  He’s actually asking US why we don’t “get”  that Meg is a robot. Passive Manipulation- First of all, we have Megbot singing which is a symbol in itself.  Then, we have lyrics that aren’t completely in line with the title of the song.  That, my friends, is to throw us off.  The passive manipulation to which she refers is the fact that Jack has become so used to programming her (manipulation) that he now doesn’t need to pay that much attention anymore.  Red Rain- This song is about bleeding.  Megbot cannot bleed because she is a robot.  This is supposed to throw us off. Im Lonely (But I Ain’t That Lonely Yet)- The line in this song, “I love my sister, LORD KNOWS I MISS HER” sums up just about our whole theory.  Meg is gone, and replaced by a robot named Megbot.  And he’s lonely and misses her.  Perhaps “But I Ain’t That Lonely Yet” is referring to a time when Megbot will no longer work, and he will be even lonelier. Thank you for reading this, and considering it. -Alexander, William

August 23, 2005
Actually the mini-megs on the inside cover of Get Behind Me Satan are my twin cousins… they are also in the video for My Doorbell. Tim

August 13, 2005
in case you dont know jack white doesnt like new things like robots he likes old stuff like his guitar is a 1964 hutto montgomery airline guitar its really old and the other thing is i work for animatronics,we dont develop skin that real or silent enough robots,dont say that’s the excuse for why they play music,jack even played music before he met her and he wouldn’t divorce a robot or marry it i know a person who even knew meg white and still does i dont want to tell the name fir privacy and you are just jeaulous because you dont play as good as them,i even met meg,she talked for about an hour with me and she worked to become a chef before whe became jacks drummer,and if its waterproof why dont the jurasic park robots keep working good even in the rain,and take a good look she sweats and there is no way you can put sweat packets into a robot,and one more thing i saw her drink water!so fuk off – Hamsterofdoom58

July 27, 2005
ur a fuckin idiot meg white is not a robot ive been on the blue orhid set and ive talked with jack and meg white the thing was not behind her ear and she was laughing and drinking coke, what do u have to say about that u stupid bitch? u need to quit tryin to make money off of this band just cuz ur a fuckin idiot and poor as hell doesnt mean you can make shit up about people, now im going to report this to the internet beauru to shut your site down. – rodriguezr

July 5, 2005
megbot must have run out of power in and interview or something and jack had to make it look like megbot was the answering a question! just look at this gif. jack didnt hide it to well! Lindsay

June 19, 2005
I find the Conspiracy of the Megbot to be highly interesting, but as a robot who diguises itself as a teenage boy most of the time, I am aware of the prejudices we can face, and fully understand Megbot’s reluctancy to reveal her secret. However, I have noticed one piece of evidence which has been skipped by others: when The White Stripes play live, they do not use setlists, so how does Meg know what songs are being played next? Obviously, Jack must program her to run at the exact moment he needs her to drum. Also, she drums with the precission and rhythm of a robot: have you ever noticed that her drumming usually goes in time with her name? “Meg-White-Meg-White-Meg-White-drum-cymbal-drum-cymbal-bang-crash-bang-crash-bang-crash!”. I’m not doing this to single out one of my fellow robots, by the way, but merely in the hopes that Megbot will feel save to reveal her identity as a robot, and humans and robots will be able to live in peace and harmony. There is really nothing to fear about robots (due to the popular belief of the folks at ‘Glorious Noise’). With love and care, Anthony

June 29, 2005
Dude, you have got to put down that crack pipe. where the fuck do you come up with this stuff, a robot? C’mon man, get in touch with reality. I mean seriously, are you ten years old or just writing this shit out of a mental institution. You are seriously crazy and need to get some help. – Matt

June 16, 2005
Hey, I found your website last week and was amazed by how much evidence there was to find, on Meg being a robot! I then flicked through the elephant booklet to look at the pictures of Meg and the mice and the extention cord etc when I turned to the back (ish) page and read the quote by K. Johnson (1905). Now if i hadn’t ahve found your website i would have overlooked this, but it seems to highlight all your website portrays: “We shall soon be far away from you, but then you would never know it. (Talking about Meg and her passing on) You don’t need anybody, inhuman that you are (Talking about Megbot) How strange it is that we cannot do without you” (Talking about how he had to make Megbot, because he missed Meg so much) Why chose this quote if nothing was meant by it? I’d also like to add that i don’t think Meg is a robot, however how much evidence there is to subside with this theory ;). Love Chelsea, England

June 14, 2005
your website is a whole bunch of crap. the electrical chord on “elephant” goes to the amp. that they are sitting on. the skull behind her is jack white’s response to your b.s., he finds it quite funny. and so do i, your ebsite does have SOME logical reasons for her being a robot, but most of them are just idiodical. also, whenever jack says “baby” he is refering to suzy lee, or some other girl that he knows, or maybe “baby” refers to girls in general. jack white is smart, but not smart enough to build a robot with technology that can be used in a basement. you gave me a good laugh. -tristan

June 13, 2005
the world’s gone crazy…. Phil

June 13, 2005
Don’t you think its about time you just let this go. Your evidence is by no means convincing and anybody could prove you wrong, its just they realise its not worth it… Carolyn

June 7, 2005
Love your website! Here some more clues… http://nouvelempire.net/lasalle/getbehindmesatan.pdf The cover. “Get Behind Me Satan” says Jack? Meg is the antichrist (or a robot). Look closely on page 3. The real Meg was in fact a pop singer of the 50’s. Did she died abruptly of a sickness at a young age? The guitar player looks like the actor that represents Jack on the cover of the Blue Orchid single. Holy Mary replaces Meg on page 4 (“Get Behind Me Satan” is now put toward Jack, the mad scientist with godlike complex). On page 5, the woman that played Meg on the cover of the Blue Orchid single, with Jack. On page 6, the first versions of Meg. Jack was experimenting on kids before understanding that musical instruments fits adults better. Meg is playing the guitar, a very well kept secret… of course robots can play every instruments! You just need to program them accordingly… Laurent

June 5, 2005
hi! I’m a swedish fan of you idea of meg white being a robot and I didn’t see this on your webpage, but maybe you have noticed that in the end of Expecting you can clearly hear Meg saying “Can you go get that wire?” (or something simliar to that =P) to Jack as if “hey, time to charge my batteries, don’t for get that, crazy scientist”, she’s cleaver, out girl just thought it would be fun to contribute to your great webpage. love Ingrid, Sweden

June 3, 2005
You really are off your rocker aren’t you?  You should really lay off the drugs, come back to reality, and get a fucking life.  The truth of the matter is, ANYONE can find a conspiracy in ANYTHING.  There is a word for people like you, and anyone that believes what your “Evidence” says to be true: PARANOIA.  There are some really good medications that you should go see your doctor about.  Oh wait, I forgot, doctors will only implant you with an alien tracking device which will make it easier to abduct you and impregnate you.  You know you learn some useful things from X-Files.  I love anything that is based on ” TRUTH”.  Oh wait, I forgot, this whole life is a conspiracy!!!!  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SAVE ME THEY’RE OUT TO GET ME!!!!!!!!! NOTHING IS REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!  PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……………………………………………………………….   GROW UP!!!!!!! support the troops!!!  god bless america and the president!!!! Joshua

April 23 , 2005
hi, I think your really dumb to think that meg is a robot. oh, and you know in the song blue orchid, he’s like “your given a flower, but I guess theres just no pleasing you” remember. robots don’t show emotion. so you can add that to your list in the “lyrics”section.

May 3, 2005
think you have way too much time on your hands. Meg is not a robot. Your evidence is funny coincidences. You know science is about 300 years away from creating anything near what you’re speculating Meg White is. I was watching the news a few years ago and they said it would take science about 300 years before they’ll be able to make robots like Data on Star Trek. It was about advances in the field of robotics. It is a little weird how she’s always quiet and in the background, I guess then Chad Hugo of N.E.R.D./Neptunes is also a robot he’s always in the background and not talkative. Oh did I give you another conspiracy to go after? If nothing else your site is entertaining. I’ll give you that. Jeff

May 2, 2005
Megbot 2.0 got broken and they had to replace her with a black woman. Luckily they managed to fix her, and made a new cover picture again. they covered it all by telling the media that the cover with the black peope was was just a stunt to tease the fans….Why they did replace jack 2, i dont know. Oda

March 3, 2005
This is the most stupid idea i ever heard. I’m shure that Meg’s not a robot. Você é a pessoa mais tola que eu já vi e devia tratar essa sua mania das conspirações. Mas agora a sério, onde é que raio voê foi buscar esta ideia tão parva, é que só mesmo um chanfrado. Espero que se trate e paase a ser uma pessoa normal. – Rui

February 6, 2005
Listen Ms. Wonka, I’m so sick and tired of your bullshit. Love, Mr. Derek S__.

January 21, 2005
Dear Ms. Wonka; your website should be lauded as one of the finest contributions to moral truth ever created. I especially like the utter destruction of the aesthetic abortion a.k.a. the Soft Money I mean Hard Rock Cafe. Even Block E as a parking lot was better – then you could see the smashing pumpkins outside. Hmm. Keep up the good work. I have relocated to Chicago ( shitcago ) from Minneapolis and man, then money is good, ah but at what price. Thanks heaps! Anna

January 13, 2005
you can’t give the facts, stop writing – Charles

December 28, 2004
I think that you are completely, utterly crazy. There is absolutely no way meg White is a robot.  Anemic, maybe, but not a robo.t  I really hope this website is set up as a joke, and not for real.  I’m so sure that  1) Robots can be made that look exactly like humans  2) A robot can lead the life of a very famous person, in front of the media and everything, and keep up the pretenses of being a human and 3) A robot can play the drums so well, something that involves rhythm, something that every robot/impostor i’ve known does not have (being sarcastic)  Why don’t you pursue another conspiracy: perhaps George Bush is really a genetically altered chimp!      I think everyone should leave the poor girl (Meg White) alone and keep their overworked imagainations busy watching Star Wars or going to comic book conventions  or something! Sheesh!!!!! – jp107w

December 10, 2004
Are… are you serious? Meaning this whole concept… do you truly believe that Meg is a robot?… Kar


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Meg White is a ROBOT!

Is Meg really Jack's Sister?
Is Meg really Jack's Ex-Wife?

NO, these are just cleverly devised white lies released through the media to distract us from THE TRUTH. Regardless of her actual relationship to Jack, the real Meg died in a car crash sometime during the mid-nineties and Jack replaced her with A ROBOT. The key to secretly replacing your band mate with a robot, as in magic, is MISDIRECTION. But through careful examination of the EVIDENCE, we can see it all quite clearly.


Nina on Insider Information

Megbot 2.0

Megbot 2.0

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