Wilhelmina Wonka

Wilhelmina at Tommy Bartlett's Robot World in Wisconsin Dells

Jack, can I be your sister too?

Thank you to anyone who has sent me “evidence.” However, I cannot stress this enough–please do not to try to force the Megbot’s hand. That means: no throwing drinks in its face in an attempt to short-circuit it, no electrical shocks, no stabbing it to see if it bleeds. You’ll only endanger your life and the lives of others should Megbot malfunction or explode.

The librarian in me urges you to learn about evaluating websites, especially point number 5.

“iloverobots” swag:
Yes, now you too can be sorta just like me! Want an “iloverobots” t-shirt just like the one that I wore to the St. Paul show in July of 2003? Download this gif then print it on t-shirt transfer paper. Follow manufacturers instructions, and voilá! Or, if you’d prefer, head on over to my cafepress shop for t-shirts and stickers for the whole family unit. All proceeds go to the “Send Wilhelmina to Library School” fund.

Megbot on Myspace:
You may now visit Megbot on MySpace. Add her as a friend if you like (last name required: White).

Hi Paul! I’ve secretly always wanted someone to ask me if I’d heard that Meg White is a robot. Now, finally, WW’s life is complete.


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Meg White is a ROBOT!

Is Meg really Jack's Sister?
Is Meg really Jack's Ex-Wife?

NO, these are just cleverly devised white lies released through the media to distract us from THE TRUTH. Regardless of her actual relationship to Jack, the real Meg died in a car crash sometime during the mid-nineties and Jack replaced her with A ROBOT. The key to secretly replacing your band mate with a robot, as in magic, is MISDIRECTION. But through careful examination of the EVIDENCE, we can see it all quite clearly.


Nina on Insider Information

Megbot 2.0

Megbot 2.0

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